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      Visit our centre in Noble Park that provides an unquestionable quality of service.


      The education of a child begins at birth and there are all sorts of definitions about what ‘education’ really means. Here at the centre we believe that the education of the child is a multifaceted thing. You, as parents, are the primary educator of your child. Your encouragement as your child learns to babble, hold a spoon, stand up, walk and talk are huge influences on the development of your child.

      The other experiences that your child may have with grandparents and relatives, family friends, pets and while exploring their environments, wherever they are, all add to the ‘educational’ picture of the preschool child.

      Children learn through play. As they explore and try out the world around them, they are continually learning new skills and abilities. Given that every child we have in our centre is at a different stage of development and skills level, we cannot offer simply one curriculum and hope that it covers every child. What we actually do is develop a picture of your child over a period of time. We do this by using a range of observation methods which tell us what your child can do. From there, we develop a program for the whole group based on their needs and interests, and make sure that we include special activities that will support, extend and encourage each individual child. These records are freely available for you to look at, and we also put together developmental summaries’ which we believe are very useful when we sit down and have one to one discussions with you about your child’s progress.

      We can never hope to have a complete picture of the whole child without your input. We are interested in your child’s development and if you feel comfortable sharing information with us, then we already have a format for success.

      In our centre we build a curriculum which is appropriate for the level of development of your child. Each section of the centre builds on the work of the section your child has just ‘graduated’. In this way your child’s progress will be easily recognised, and you can be assured that the education programs will always offer new and stimulating activities.


        Our centre encourages open parent participation which means you are most welcome to come and be with your child at any time of the day. Parents are invited to share their talents and time with the centre by participating in whatever way they feel most comfortable. It may vary from assisting on an excursion, contributing to our centre policies or visiting your child.

        Parent participation is not only important because it helps the centre, but more importantly it sends strong positive messages to your child that you support them and are part of their child care world. We encourage open communication with parents and welcome any suggestions or comments you may have. Siblings are always welcome in our centre when children are being dropped off or picked up, however the staff cannot assume responsibility for them.


        Our aim is to move forward to your child’s future that exceeds expectations, in so doing we will build a better world one child at a time. We are ever mindful that infants are born with basic abilities that grow with each new discovery ~ this insight ensures we are committed to enhancing and extending the developing child.

        The structure of the learning and caring environment provides optimum opportunities for individuals to be the very best they can be in all areas of development. We foster the individuality of each child by providing welcoming and affectionate staff who are on hand to praise, encourage, cuddle and support as they involve themselves in your child’s day. Our staff build a better world as they touch each child’s life.

        We offer children, programs that, value the importance of play, challenge and extend their interest in learning and develop natural curiosity and cultivate creativity. We believe each child is a unique individual, developing skills in all areas of intelligence. Children’s interactions with their peers, adults, family participation and community are seen as an integral part of that development.


        Centre Fees

        On enquiry at the centre, you will be given information outlining the fee structure and the method of payment. Fees may be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly by either Cash or Direct Debt. If you have trouble paying your fees, please do not hesitate to contact the Director as we may be able to help.

        Child Care Benefit

        Child Care Benefit is a subsidy provided by the Commonwealth Government to approved long day care centres, family day care schemes and occasional care services. This subsidy is then used to reduce the amount that parents are required to pay to the centre. Parents may apply for Child Care Benefit through their local Family Assistance office. Child Care Benefit is based on each family’s income and the onus is on each family to ensure they have a current Assessment Notice in order to receive the full benefit. Full fees will be charged if you do not have a current assessment.

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