Embracing early learning with highly experienced caring staff in South East Melbourne

    Choosing the right childcare and kindergarten for your child can be a difficult decision. It’s important to find a centre which enables your child to be well looked after in a kind and nurturing environment, whilst encouraging their natural growth and development. We provide just this service in our centre in Noble Park.

    Our Childcare and Kindergarten

    We aim to provide services for as many children as possible in the South East Melbourne area.

      Safe, Educational and FUN

      The early years of life are a time of incredible growth. Everything that a child experiences is a learning opportunity that forms the basis for development, learning, and wellbeing for the rest of his or her life.

      Children learn most effectively when they are relaxed and having fun.

      The environment that we create, the relationships that we develop, and the resources we provide are all planned to create safe, educational, and FUN experiences that we can shape and extend to help your child develop to their potential.

      Personal development portfolios for every child

      As part of our educational programme, we provide a personal development portfolio for each and every child. This documents the child’s learning journey and contains examples of their work, such as paintings and other such crafts.

      Portfolios are delivered to parents at the end of every year, so you can have a complete idea of your child’s learning and development pathway.

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      Caring and experienced Staff

      It is our caring and responsive staff that create the family-type environment at our Early Learning Centre’s. This is fundamental to children feeling secure, relaxed, and happy.

      Our Carers know the learning needs of each child and are committed to helping them meet their potential.

      Their formal qualifications equip them with the appropriate skills to effectively guide, evoke and extend children’s play/experiences so that children learn:

      • positive attitudes of self-motivation and self-direction;

      • self-confidence;

      • cooperation and group values;

      • curiosity, persistence and concentration; and

      • language and numeracy.

      Children can then take increased responsibility for their own learning and are prepared for higher learning and life skills.

      Our centre

      Our centre provide high quality care and educational programs. Our kitchens are registered commercially with the local councils, and have been awarded excellence in food and hygiene. We are a member of the Childcare Centres Association of Victoria.

      The centre is registered and approved by the federal government to provide childcare benefits as reduced fees, and to transfer data electronically via the Childcare Management System for the Childcare Cash Rebate.

      We are also registered with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Children & Youth Services, who provide kindergarten funding, in addition to the regulation and monitoring of the national law, regulations, legislative framework, standards and guidelines.

      The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQ) provides national oversight of the National Quality Framework. They also publish guides and resources for the sector, parents, and the community. 

      Our Philosophy

      Our Philosophy

      At Kinder Kollege Childcare Centre we aim to provide excellence in early childhood education and affordable care. We aim to achieve this in a safe, welcoming, adopting and nurturing environment that is educational, equitable and inclusive. WE are privately owned, family run centre, with a strong commitment to participative, consultative and collaborative management. Our philosophy has been developed in consultation with staff and families, and we welcome visits, ideas and suggestions.

      We incorporate the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles of 'Being, Belonging and Becoming" and the National Quality Framework (NQF) in all aspects of the centre. We are continually looking for ways as a centre to improve, and understand that through this reflective process, our philosophy, environment, curriculum and knowledge will evolve and develop.

      Belonging - 'children belong first to a family, friends, a culture, a neighbourhood and a community for future learning and development'. 

      Children are shaped by all life experiences both at home and within their community, and we consider that we are an important aspect of this community. We aim to work in partnership with the families in our centre, valuing the insights and traditions that can be shared and respected. We value and respect the individuality of each child, their family and background, the ancestral custodians of this land, the staff and the experiences that each one brings to the centre. Our educators have a shared responsibility for the development of each child within their families, collaborating with community and professional organisations.

      Being 'childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world'

      We support the time children and families take to develop relationships, understanding and co-construct knowledge. Our learning environments provide continuity in a range of experiences that is appropriate for each child, this gives them the opportunities to grow and learn. The welfare of our children is our priority and we believe a consistent and safe environment is essential for each child's development. Children can revisit experiences, make decisions and work in partnerships with each other. We capture children's learning and development through our curriculum, engaging in reflective practices to provide and support children in achieving learning outcomes. Our educators value education as a lifelong experience and keep abreast of new ideas to bring to the service. Our educators model behaviours and provide praise and positive feedback. We have an open door policy connecting our families with their children's development.

      Becoming - 'the incredible amount of learning that happen s in the first years of life builds the skill sets, the scene for becoming healthy, contributing adults to the complex world we live in'.

      We provide a responsive holistic program that adapts and allows opportunities and experiences for each child to play, explore, imagine, experiment, enquire, research, investigate, and make decisions in a resource-rich, fun, natural, play-based environment. This impacts positively on each child's learning enabling them to develop lifelong skills of inter-relating, resilience, empowerment, social competence, and independence. Though reflective practice and being guided by EYLF and NQF we are able to provide an ever-evolving environment which allows for intentional teaching and spontaneous learning.

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